Five airlines have reestablished flights from Sarajevo so far

Five airlines have reestablished flights from Sarajevo so far

SARAJEVO, June 21 (FENA) – The Sarajevo International Airport gradually returns to commercial flight schedule slowly and currently five airlines have reestablished flights to Sarajevo, it was confirmed for FENA.

They point out that flights to Zagreb (Croatia Airlines) and Vienna (Austrian Airlines) have been reestablished, three times a week.

The flights to Belgrade (Air Serbia) and Budapest (Wizz Air), which take place twice a week, have been reestablished, and as of this week, Eurowings also reestablished flights from Cologne to Sarajevo once a week.

As of today, Turkish Airlines also reestablishes flights to Istanbul three times a week, and this is a route that is very important and for which there is great interest, considering that Istanbul is a large transfer center.

The Sarajevo International Airport stated that airlines are those that establish the flights, based on market assessments and analyses, i.e. the interest of citizens for certain flights. In this case, airlines especially monitor the measures taken against foreign nationals when entering BiH, or vice versa when it comes to the entry of foreigners, and BiH citizens when entering other countries.

Considering that restrictive measures are still in force in most countries when it comes to the entry of foreign nationals, the Sarajevo International Airport stated that this is also the main reason why airlines are currently reestablishing a smaller number of flights.

A significant reestablishment of flights to destinations that existed earlier is expected in July.

In the coming period, it was announced that Pegasus Airlines should establish flights to Istanbul, Flydubai to Dubai, Air Arabia to Sharjah, as well as Flybosnia and Flynas.

However, the establishment and scope of flights will largely depend on the restrictions in force.

Due to the currently very small volume of traffic, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of personnel at the Sarajevo International Airport has been significantly reduced, i.e., it has been adjusted to current needs.