FlyBosnia connects Sarajevo and Rome with a direct flight as of November

FlyBosnia connects Sarajevo and Rome with a direct flight as of November

SARAJEVO, October 17 (FENA) – FlyBosnia airline company has connected Sarajevo and Rome with a first direct flight between these two cities.

As part of the promotional flight today, representatives of the media and travel agencies from Italy came to Sarajevo and will stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina for three days, where they will be informed about tourism potentials.

Flights between BiH and Italy will operate on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning as of November.

Italian Ambassador to BiH Nicola Minasi was also on the promotional flight, pointing out that this scheduled flight between the two cities is very important.

“I am happy that we finally have a direct line between Sarajevo and Rome. Until this morning, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. We already have a lot of people coming from Italy, and now they can travel by plane,” Minasi said.

He pointed out that thousands of tourists from Italy visit BiH every year.

FlyBosnia CEO Tarik Bilalbegović stressed that so far people traveled to Rome all day long from BiH, and that a direct flight will reduce this journey to one hour and eight minutes.

“All BiH citizens will easily be able to visit Rome, and tourists from Italy will also have the opportunity to visit our beautiful country,” Bilalbegović emphasized.

He said direct lines are crucial in development of economy. He announced that they are now working on choosing an airport in Paris, and then Barcelona and Milan.

“We are working to connect Sarajevo with all major cities of the European Union,” said Bilalbegović.

BiH Ambassador to Italy Slavko Matanović said it was an event of general interest. He hopes that an increasing number of passengers would contribute to strengthening ties between the Republic of Italy and BiH.

FlyBosnia has two Airbus A319s planes of new generation and is expecting the arrival of two more in April 2020.