From Kraljeva Sutjeska to Bobovac – A hike with a visit to historical sites

From Kraljeva Sutjeska to Bobovac – A hike with a visit to historical sites

SARAJEVO, March 11 (FENA) – The Sarajevo-based mountaineering club ‘Energoinvest’ last weekend organized a hike and a visit to the medieval Bosnian royal town of Bobovac.

Author: Bisera Džidić

The group started their hike from Kraljeva Sutjeska where they visited a church with the oldest organ in BiH and a museum of the Franciscan monastery that is home to valuable religious and ethnographic artifacts and a library with manuscripts and copies of some of the oldest printed books in the world. The mountaineers then started their incline along the rocky banks of Bukovica River towards Bobovac.

With short breaks due to somewhat difficult terrain, because a part of the hiking trail was flooded by Bukovica River that has spilled over in recent days, the mountaineers had to move above the set trail, which required a degree of alpine climbing skills, but all participants of the hike arrived safely and successfully to the hilltop and the medieval location of the royal town of Bobovac.

Kraljeva Sutjeska is a town that holds centuries-old history of BiH with numerous artifacts exhibited in the monastery museum.

The town is also home to one of the oldest mosques in the Balkans. According to Muslim historical records, it was built by Sultan Mehmed II el-Fatih in Kraljevo Sutjeska in 1463, during the attempts of conquest of Bosnia and the subsequent conquest of Bobovac.

Another important architectural site is the family house of Ivo Dusper, built in 19th century, all bearing testimony that this is a place that endured centuries of encounters with different rulers, various invaders, wars, attacks, liberation and the perseverance of Bosnia.

Encounters with cultural and historical sites such as Kraljeva Sutjeska and Bobovac will surely leave a strong impression on all visitors.