Hot air balloon ride a new tourist attraction on Mount Trebević

Hot air balloon ride a new tourist attraction on Mount Trebević

SARAJEVO, June 18 (FENA) – A promotional hot air balloon ride was performed today on Mount Trebević at the Brus location as a new attractive content that will enrich tourist offer of East Sarajevo and the Sarajevo-Romanija region.

This is the first such balloon ride in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the so-called tied ride, during which it can be raised, but due to the air currents on Mount Trebević, for safety reasons, it is tied to the ground with ropes.

As an unprecedented attraction in this area, new tourist content is provided through the project “Enjoy Sarajevo-Romania region”, which was financially supported by the European Union and the Government of Germany in the amount of more than 200,000 euros within the “EU4Business” project, while its total value is more than 225,000 euros.

The project “Enjoy Sarajevo-Romania region” is implemented by the Tourist Organization of Jahorina-East Sarajevo, the City Development Agency, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska and the business entity “Stanišić” d.o.o. from Pale.

Five passengers and the pilot can be in the balloon and it is completely safe. The ride is quiet, noiseless, except for the occasional sounds from the burner which is the engine of the hot air balloon.

Director of the Tourist Organization of Jahorina-East Sarajevo, Igor Tošić, says that promotion of the new attraction means a great day for the tourist offer of East Sarajevo.

Similar activities will accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector after suffering great damage in the coronavirus pandemic, and this will indirectly lead to higher trade in goods and services.

Today’s promotion is one of the activities within the mentioned project, whose goal is the development of tourism in the region by creating new tourist products and their promotion on the international market.

The focus is on equipping outdoor locations and strengthening the capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises within tourism, as well as on the internationalization of the tourist offer.

According to a USAID survey, Tošić said, adventure tourism is the most common motive for visitors.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Staša Košarac, who also attended today’s event in Trebević, emphasizes the great chances of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the development of tourism.