Mount Vlašić an absolute hit tourist destination even during the pandemic

Mount Vlašić an absolute hit tourist destination even during the pandemic

VLAŠIĆ, January 17 (FENA) – Since the opening of the winter tourism season, the Vlašić ski center has had many visitors who decided to spend the holidays in the mountains, and with the increase in snowfall, the number of domestic and foreign tourists rose significantly.

The director of the Tourist Office of the Central Bosnia Canton Tourism Board Miroslav Matošević ays that the guests from the Republic of Croatia are the most numerous ones, after visitors from other parts of BiH.

Although the winter season in Vlašić, as in other ski centers, began with a lot of uncertainty, primarily due to more restrictive measures of the crisis headquarters, Matošević emphasizes that according to information from the ground, all tourist offers and facilities are fully adapted to the current epidemiological situation.

“Our main goal is to preserve the safety and health of our visitors and all employees in addition to the implementation of tourism activities,” said Matošević.

He reminded that the Tourism Board has developed an internal protocol for Covid-19, which, in addition to the measures prescribed so far, offers additional recommendations for combating coronavirus infection. Also, as part of the seasonal clinic in Vlašić, a special Covid-19 department has been provided where foreign guests can be tested every day.

“The information we receive from the ground show that both the owners of the facilities and the guests truly abide by the Covid-19 protocols, and due to a large number of guests, the supervision of police has been strengthened. Competent inspections also check catering facilities and compliance with the measures of the FBiH Crisis Staff on a daily basis, and we learned from them that there were no major incidents in terms of violations of measures,” said Matošević.

He emphasized that the accommodation capacities on Vlašić have been filled almost to capacity and that some hotels are sold out all through January, and others are at 80 percent of capacity.

Tourism workers were ready to welcome the first snow and all ski lifts are in operation from the first day of the new season. The Tourism Board points out that the conditions for skiing and snowboarding on Vlašić are excellent.