Mulić: Una National Park is top tourist destination even during pandemic

Mulić: Una National Park is top tourist destination even during pandemic

SARAJEVO / BIHAĆ, April 4 (FENA) – The Una National Park is one of four national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only one in the Federation of BiH. It is located on the territory of the City of Bihać, where its larger parts create a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

It is a unique space where a symbiosis of flora and fauna has been achieved in interaction with culture and tradition.

Director of the Una National Park Amarildo Mulić points out in an interview with FENA that, in addition to protecting and preserving these values, it is important to create conditions for certain selective forms of tourism at the National Park.

“Una National Park has become one of the top destinations for tourists, as well as those from Bosnia and Herzegovina and especially at this time of pandemic. It turned out last year that we became a revelation for BiH tourists. I hope that, when the epidemiological situation stabilizes, we will slowly return to our traditional markets, especially regional, European, but also the Middle East, which have been expanding in BiH in the last few years,” he said.

He said that the area has recorded the highest percentage growth in the region since 2011. Thus, from 2,500 visits recorded in 2011, there were 120,000 visitors in 2019.

The pandemic that hit the world last year had a negative impact on business, not only of the Una National Park but also of all entities in the field of nature protection and conservation, as well as in the field of tourism.

“Last year the Una National Park registered 51 thousand visits, which we characterized as a success given the decline in the number of tourist visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was important for us to ensure the main activities that we continue to do today, and we kept the company on its feet thanks primarily to the FBiH Government and the FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism that are the founders of Una National Park, and of course thanks to our employees and management, for good assessment,” he pointed out.

As for 2021 and the pre-season period, Mulić said it is not promising but he hopes for more mass visits, especially after the vaccination against the coronavirus in the region and the country is over.

“I hope that we will become a top destination for the citizens of BiH, but also citizens of other countries in 2021. The indicator for that is this March when we recorded a decline of only about 15 percent, compared to the same month in 2019 when the National Park had a record number of visits. It also shows that the Una National Park, Bihać and the Una-Sana Canton are becoming recognizable in BiH, regional, European market, as well as other parts of the world,” he stressed.

Director Mulić invited everyone to visit the Una National Park, Bihać and the Una-Sana Canton as one of the destinations in BiH.