Novalić: Tourism could become the most influential sector in our economy

Novalić: Tourism could become the most influential sector in our economy

SARAJEVO, July 7 (FENA) – The Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalić, stated today that tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is growing at a very fast rate and that he believes that the time will come when it will be perhaps the most influential for our economy.

At the meeting organized on the occasion of drafting the Tourism Development Strategy of the Federation of BiH for the period 2021-2027, Novalić said that it is quite unusual for us who are used to industrial Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that it is a change for the better and that it is not surprising because we have a very beautiful country.

He stressed that the FBiH Government seeks to improve conditions for tourism development, primarily through the development of infrastructure and communications.

The FBiH Minister of Environment and Tourism Edita Đapo explained that after defining the vision and mission, at today’s meeting of the working group, together with the private sector, academia, cantonal representatives and non-governmental organizations, they will determine the goals of the strategy.

“It is necessary to consider what are the priorities for each canton so that we can send a strategic document for the development of tourism to the FBiH Parliament in September or October,” stated Đapo.

The President of the FBiH Chamber of Commerce, Marko Šantić, pointed out that he was pleased that the FBiH Government and USAID recognized the importance of the tourism sector, which he personally sees as one of the branches of the economy that will lead Bosnia and Herzegovina forward in economic terms.