Preparation of the tourist season at Una National Park, ‘Una Regatta’ to be held in July

Preparation of the tourist season at Una National Park, ‘Una Regatta’ to be held in July

BIHAĆ, April 10 (FENA) – Director of the Public Company “Una National Park” Amarildo Mulić announced numerous preparatory activities for the upcoming tourist season, and the first operational meeting was held on the organization and holding of this year’s 48th International Una Regatta.

“There is no vacation for us, considering that in the upcoming tourist season we want to try to break the record from 2019, when the Una National Park was visited by more than 100,000 tourists and guests. All parameters and indicators are the reasons for our optimism, therefore maximum engagement throughout the year is implied. The traditional “Una regatta” is back again after a two-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic, which certainly delights many lovers of nature, sports and adrenaline adventures. This year, we are planning and announcing it for the most attractive part of the tourist season, i.e. from July 27 to 30,” said director Mulić.

The Una Regatta will once again sail on the usual route, divided into stages from Martin Brod to Bosanska Krupa.

A workshop “Development of planning documents for the Una National Park” was organized recently in cooperation with USAID Tourism and the World Wide Fund for Nature – WWF Adria.

“The aim of the workshop was to participate in the creation and development of a new management plan for the Una National Park for the period 2022-2032, as well as an additional document that will relate to the management of visits and the involvement of the local community. We are proud of the participation of more than 60 very important participants in the process of establishing and developing the National Park, from the local population to institutions,” said Mulić.

In the spring, the Public Company “Una National Park” will organize a large number of activities of cleaning and arranging all visitor zones, while on May 21, a traditional mountain-athletic race will be organized at the Štrbački buk site.