Reduced number of passengers by 61 percent at Tuzla International Airport

Reduced number of passengers by 61 percent at Tuzla International Airport

TUZLA, January 24 (FENA) – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the revenues of the Tuzla International Airport (MAT), as well as the number of passengers and flights were reduced by 50 percent in 2020 compared to the year before.

“When compared to 2019, the realized volume of transport is 39 percent, i.e. the number of passengers has been reduced by 61 percent,” confirmed Director of the Tuzla International Airport Esed Mujačić for FENA.

He stated that there were about 228,000 passengers from Tuzla Airport last year, while in 2019 the number of passengers was 592,000.

Also, MAT revenues were reduced by 50 percent compared to the previous period.

Flights to eight destinations were temporarily suspended from Tuzla Airport. They are flights to Billund (Denmark), Cologne, Friedrichshafen, Berlin, Baden-Baden (Germany), Salzburg and Vienna (Austria) and Vaxyo (Sweden), which represents 50 percent of the previous number of flights.

There are currently active flights to four European countries to eight destinations: Memmingen, Frankfurt Hahn, Dortmund (Germany), Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm (Sweden), Bessel (France) and Eindhoven (Netherlands).

“We managed to keep workers and maintain the liquidity of the company, we reduced costs by about 40 percent. When comparing Tuzla airport with other airports in the region, which suffered the consequences caused by COVID-19, we did better than others,” Mujačić emphasized.

He added that the worst period was in November 2020, when the lowest number of passengers was recorded, and a month later it was slightly increased due to the New Year’s holidays.

He announced that the number of flights will be increased from nine to twenty per week in February this year.

“We plan to return flights to all eight destinations that have been temporarily suspended as of March this year, so we will have flights to a total of 16 destinations, the full volume of transport is expected, and the return of all destinations before the pandemic,” claims Mujačić.

He expects that Wizz Air will establish full traffic from MAT as of April this year and that everything will function normally as in 2019.