Rock climbing camp “Heart of Velež” brings together hikers and nature lovers

Rock climbing camp “Heart of Velež” brings together hikers and nature lovers

SARAJEVO, October 23 (FENA) – The Heart of Velež (Srce Veleža) is a mountain climbing camp at the foot of the northeast rocky barrier of the Velež Mountain, in the municipality of Nevesinje, which will bring together mountaineers, rock climbers and all nature lovers from 25 to 27 October to promote the Velež Mountain as a unique climbing area and content-rich tourist destination for mountaineering tourism.

The first camp will serve as a promotion of the project “Heart of Velež”, which is being implemented by the Treskavica Mountaineering Association with the support of MarketMakers. The project involves the installing of climbing infrastructure, setup of well-maintained climbing routes, Via Ferrata and the hiking trail to the summit of Botin, stated the Treskavica Mountaineering Association.

The “Heart of Velež” project is one of MarketMakers’ major development investments in the field of rural and adventure tourism. The enthusiastic team of the Treskavica MA presented us with the project proposal on the north side of Velež (Botin rock) and showed that it has the potential to become a world-famous destination for hiking and rock climbing, so we decided to invest in the development of several climbing routes, Via Feratta and hiking trails.

Of course, these infrastructure investments represent only the first step of long-term development of this tourism destination, but we are convinced that, with the dedicated work of the members of Treskavica Mountaineering Association, as well as the municipality of Nevesinje, which from the very beginning provided full support to this project and other local partners, the ministries of trade and tourism of Republika Srpska as well as the RS Tourism Board, over the coming years Velež would become a positive example and a model for the long-term development of sustainable tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Gorčin Dizdar, Head of Tourism Department at MarketMakers.

The project is supported by the Swiss Embassy in BiH, the Municipality of Nevesinje and the RS Tourism Board.