Sarajevo International Airport continues to transport goods

Sarajevo International Airport continues to transport goods

SARAJEVO, March 20 (FENA) – Sarajevo International Airport is currently experiencing the most difficult moments since the war, but they are aware of the need for food and medical supplies. Therefore, they want to inform everyone that the Cargo Sector of the airport continues to operate, accepting and dispatching goods with the countries that Bosnia and Herzegovina has been engaged in foreign trade.

The transport of goods is carried out with airlines that have maintained regular flights at the Sarajevo International Airport, with a reduced number of daily or weekly flights, the Sarajevo International Airport announced.

In case of shipment or acceptance of large quantities of goods, Sarajevo Airport has created acceptable working conditions in terms of protection of equipment and goods and workers who would be engaged in this activity from extra / charter flights.

Also, Sarajevo International Airport points out that Lufthansa’s Road Feeder Services (RFS) is still in operation, transporting goods from Vienna to Sarajevo, and according to available information, some other airlines are opening the possibility of sending air mail from Sarajevo by road transport.

“In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, only passengers and employees of the Sarajevo International Airport, as well as employees of other business entities and institutions operating at the airport, have been allowed to enter the terminal building since yesterday,” Spokesperson for the Sarajevo International Airport, Sanja Bagarić, confirmed for FENA.

Considering that the situation with flights is constantly changing, the Sarajevo International Airport advises passengers to contact the airline or embassies / consulates of the countries to which they are traveling before.