The best of 190 countries at Dubai EXPO

The best of 190 countries at Dubai EXPO

DUBAI, October 24 (FENA) – One of the world’s biggest events is being held this year in Dubai, the exhibition EXPO 2020, where more than 190 countries from all around the world present their greatest potentials.

The team of the Federal News Agency FENA visited this impressive world, cultural and business event whose theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” with three sub-themes – Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility.

The main theme of the exhibition is to encourage global creativity and the creation of new partnerships for progress and it will enable meeting of entrepreneurs, exchange of experiences, innovations, modern production technology, managers and young business start-ups.

Each country has opened its own pavilion, a first in the history of any World Expo. Exhibitor countries will offer visitors their cultural, business experiences, opportunities and innovations.

Innovation is the word that is most often heard during the passage through numerous pavilions. Each of the countries try to offer and show their tourist beauties and business opportunities in a more modern way, using the greatest technological achievements.

Every day is full of new events, so it is possible to see dancers and musicians from different countries passing between the pavilions, and there are also street festivals, performances, lectures, parades, concerts and other events.

Ten thematic weeks of the EXPO will cover the entire six months of the exhibition, presenting the challenges facing humanity through an economic, cultural, environmental and social perspective.

Among 190 pavilions is the one of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is open to visitors, but still without a full content. For now, visitors can see photos showing the tourist attractions and potentials of BiH. Bosnia and Herzegovina participates in the “Opportunity” section under the slogan “A meeting point of Western and Eastern civilizations”.

During the six months, the EXPO, which will close on March 31, is expected to attract 25 million visitors, private and business entities, representatives of national governments and others, and there are virtual visitors, which is a great opportunity for all participants to present their countries in the best possible way.