TIKA and Sarajevo Canton Tourism Board agree on joint action of strengthening tourism in BiH

TIKA and Sarajevo Canton Tourism Board agree on joint action of strengthening tourism in BiH

SARAJEVO, January 22 (FENA) – The Sarajevo Canton Tourism Board (TZKS) today welcomed Muhamed Unal, TIKA Coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The purpose of the visit was mutual cooperation and coordination, which he discussed with the Chairman of the Tourism Board of the SC Mufik Muslić.

Unal stressed that there is interest in working together to help the Sarajevo Canton Tourism Board develop tourism potential based on the good practices of Turkey. The country began tourism on the coast and resorts but over the years it has developed other forms of tourism.

He reminded that, for tourism development, in addition to the rich cultural and historical heritage that Sarajevo possesses, it is necessary to invest in the quality of staff that will provide the highest quality services to tourists, and added that Turkey has a culture of high-quality services and focus on the guests, positioning Turkey among highly developed tourism countries.

“In order to have sustainable tourism development, four pillars are needed: tourist potential, quality service, the arrival of tourists and their happy departure,” Unal emphasized.

Chairman Muslić confirmed his readiness to cooperate with the agency that represents the country whose citizens are at the top of the list of tourists when it comes to visits to the Sarajevo Canton.

He emphasized the importance of the historical connection between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, saying that the Ottoman Empire left numerous remnants of cultural activities in this region, with this content still being among the most interesting tourist potentials, such as numerous religious and cultural facilities, libraries, etc.

“We want to bring these potentials closer to the citizens of Turkey, but we also want to show them the pristine mountains and rivers, and other natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Muslić emphasized.

The two agreed that thematic visits of tourist and media professionals from both countries should be organized, thus fostering the exchange of experiences. They proposed that one of the forms of future cooperation be co-financing of tourist maps, then maps of cultural and historical heritage which would also be developed in digital form.

One of the future joint projects could be signalization for the tourists, which the Sarajevo Canton Tourism Board wants to establish as soon as possible. TIKA could also provide its experience and assistance in the project of creating better conditions for tourist buses – parking and stops, announced the SC Tourism Board.