Vagan cave: A treasure trove of cave jewelry and former partisan shelter

Vagan cave: A treasure trove of cave jewelry and former partisan shelter

JAJCE, September 5 (FENA) – On the main road Šipovo-Kupres above the village of Vagan, there is a beautiful Vagan cave, about 20 kilometers away from the center of Šipovo. While visiting this natural gem, the visitor catches the breath from the beauty of the cave jewelry.

Danijela Knežić, an intern ecologist at the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Šipovo, pointed out in a conversation with FENA that the cave was adapted and opened to visitors about twenty days ago.

Speaking about Vagan Cave, she stated the fact that about 420 meters were explored and that about 125 meters were adjusted for the visitors.

“Vagan cave is considered one of the richest caves with cave jewelry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is rich in stalactites and stalagmites. Although it is a new tourist attraction, many visitors come to see the cave,” said Knežić.

Numerous stories and legends of this region are connected to the cave.

“There is a story that during the Second World War, the people and partisans hid in a cave. Also, the people of the village of Vagan say that on one occasion a cow entered the Vagan cave and came out in Kupres, and according to tradition, when it came out of the cave it had no skin. I also heard a story from the locals that they found the skull of a prehistoric bear inside, but that one of the locals took it and it is not known where it is,” Knežić told FENA.

According to available data, this treasure trove of cave jewelry is located at an altitude of 920 meters, and its area is 1,704 square meters.