Vidić: Hutovo Blato Nature Park will have a revived image by the summer of 2022

Vidić: Hutovo Blato Nature Park will have a revived image by the summer of 2022

ČAPLJINA, November 13 (FENA) – The “ExCHAngE” project is being implemented as part of the Interreg IPA program in the Hutovo Blato Nature Park. These days, another project with the acronym ePATH and the slogan “Endemic pathway” has begun, aiming to work on the preservation and valorization of endemic species in this nature park, a true gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The City of Čapljina administration points out that the Hutovo Blato Nature Park will undergo a detailed refreshing and will be equipped with many facilities in the next two years, all thanks to projects granted by the EU.

“Given the current situation with the pandemic, the tourism sector, like many others, requires adjustments, distancing, smaller groups of visitors or individual tourism, hygienic safety and the Park is ideal for this.

The ‘ExCHAngE’ project envisages a camp and a new tourism product in the form of ‘Blue Pass’ a new water trail in the Hutovo Blato, an ‘ePATH’, renovation of the lookout, adrenaline park, interpretation center with virtual reality, houses for the increasingly popular ‘birdwatching’, etc.

These projects will create a quality tourism offer that will be able to respond to covid challenges, but also to point Čapljina’s tourism towards a better direction”, says the Mayor of Čapljina Smiljan Vidić.

Thanks to these projects, the devastation of flora and fauna in the Park will be reduced.

“The park has been neglected by the relevant institutions for years, so I am especially glad that we were able to withdraw the EU grants and contribute to saving and preserving the Hutovo Blato, although I must admit that it was not easy at all. One million euros of investment in the most affected sector in the coronary crisis pandemic – tourism, is another proof that we have a good team, great ideas and know-how to withdraw EU funds”, pointed out Mayor Vidić.

Both projects last 24 months, and this natural oasis will have a completely new image and appearance in the summer of 2022.