Vjetrenica cave finally opens for tourist visits

Vjetrenica cave finally opens for tourist visits

RAVNO, February 12 (FENA) – The Vjetrenica cave has reopened for the visitors as of today, confirmed for FENA the director of the public enterprise ‘Vjetrenica’ Nikša Vuletić, who expects a larger number of domestic and foreign tourists this year.

The cave was closed due to adverse weather conditions and heavy rainfall which caused it to flood.

Visits are now unhindered, and the rains have not caused any damage to the cave, Vuletić said, adding that he expects a normal season and more tourist arrivals.

“Last year we recorded about 6,000 visits, which is almost 50 percent less than in 2019,” said Vuletić.

He emphasized that they are working on new content in the cave which will certainly enrich the already rich tourist offer.

According to him, the biggest problem they face in their work is that they are left to themselves.

“We currently have the same problems as most public institutions that manage the protected areas. Last year, we did not receive any funding from any level of government. However, we did not let go any of our workers, on the contrary, if we start with a normal working schedule, we plan to hire more people,” said Vuletić.

The schedule of tours of the cave, lasting from 40 to 60 minutes, can be found on the official website of Vjetrenica.

With prior notice, (no later than the day before the visit), the dates of the visit can be adjusted to the wishes of interested visitors.

The Vjetrenica Cave is located in the area of ​​the South Dinaric karst, with an entrance at the very edge of Popovo polje, at 260 meters above sea level, 12 kilometers by air from the Adriatic Sea. It is characterized by speleological features of spacious corridors and halls, numerous clusters of crystallized silica, and a rich hydrographic world with numerous lakes, several waterfalls, several permanent streams and dozens of smaller periodic streams.

The Vjetrenica is characterized by an extremely rich cave world, in which almost 200 different animal species have been registered, which makes it the first in the world in terms of biodiversity. As many as 37 of those species were first found and described in this cave complex.