City of Sarajevo delegation pays respect to the victims in Jasenovac

City of Sarajevo delegation pays respect to the victims in Jasenovac

SARAJEVO, April 22 (FENA) – A delegation of the City of Sarajevo led by Mayor Benjamina Karić paid tribute to the victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp today, by pointing out that fascism is an unsurpassed evil whose cruelty citizens of Sarajevo have felt twice in the last century.

“The Holocaust and genocide are universal tragedies and crimes. Our civilizational and human duty is to pay tribute to the victims and thus send a message about how important it is to remind ourselves of such crimes so that that would never happen to anyone, and that was the goal of this visit,” said Karić.

On behalf of the City of Sarajevo, Mayor Benjamina Karić with deputies Haris Bašić and Anja Margetić, and Deputy Chairman of the City Council Dragan Stevanović, paid tribute to the victims in Jasenovac.

“Jasenovac is the place of the greatest suffering of the Serb people, but also the place of suffering for many Jews, Roma and all those who opposed the fascist regime and who perished in this death camp. There are no criminal nations, there are only crimes and everyone should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

Differences between people, cultures, nationalities should be respected, communicated and learned, and in no way allow them to provoke crimes against human beings. Today, I paid homage to the shadows of innocent people against whom this greatest crime had been committed,” said Mayor Karić.