Novalić receives French Ambassador Guillaume Rousson in a farewell visit

Novalić receives French Ambassador Guillaume Rousson in a farewell visit

SARAJEVO, September 18 (FENA) – Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić received today at the FBiH Government seat in Sarajevo in a farewell visit the French Ambassador to BiH Guillaume Rousson, who is ending his term and leaving our country after three years and four months in service.

The FBiH Prime Minister expressed belief that the French diplomat spent a fruitful and pleasant mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thanked him for the successful cooperation, with the desire to continue the good diplomatic relations between the two friendly countries.

Ambassador Rousson pointed out that he changed his perception of our country during his term, because, as he said, things are much better seen when looking from the inside than from the outside.

“I have traveled a lot and got to know your wonderful country, its people, towns villages and the beauties you have. Seen from the outside, the perception of the events of the war stays with you for a long time, but now I have created a new image of a beautiful and prosperous country that has recovered. The best proof of this is the strong return of tourism, which, unfortunately, as in most countries, suffered great damage in the light of the pandemi,” said Rousson.

The interlocutors dedicated a significant part of the conversation to the European perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the ambassador expressed the full support of France and the EU partners, noting that, all of it mostly depends on the BiH authorities.

“The European Union is a real economic giant and its growth is reflected on all European countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the political sense, NATO integration is also important to us because we gain security, in which we need the support of both the United States of America and the European Union,” said Novalić.

The Ambassador of the Republic of France also pointed out the new methodology of the enlargement of the European Union, which will somewhat alleviate the conditions that the candidates need to meet.

“I think that the news is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina that in the next few weeks, by the end of the year at the latest, the office of the French Development Agency in BiH will be opened, which will further strengthen cooperation between the two countries, especially in the economic field, which will be a clear signal to French and other European companies to invest in your country.

The French-Bosnian business circle is much smaller, but no less important, whose revival will be an additional signal for the development of economic relations,” concluded Rousson.