Tabaković and Duraković: Posters with image of Mladić uncivilized and shameful

Tabaković and Duraković: Posters with image of Mladić uncivilized and shameful

SREBRENICA, July 27 (FENA) – Head of the Bosniak Caucus in the RS Council of Peoples, Alija Tabaković, and President of the Srebrenica Municipal Assembly, Ćamil Duraković, condemned the case of repeated genocide denial and glorification of war criminals in Srebrenica, where posters with the image of Ratko Mladić appeared yesterday.

In a statement for FENA, Tabaković confirmed that the posters were removed soon after they were placed, saying that those who glorify war crimes and criminals are morally responsible for the genocide and are ready to commit genocide again.

Putting up posters with the image of Mladić, as he points out, is a shameful act for the city where the genocide was committed, and denying the crime is the final phase of the genocide.

“As much as we tried to be realistic that the crime of genocide was the political top of the then Republika Srpska, our neighbors are trying to convince us that this is not the case and that behind the crime are columns of people and those who sign the petition are accomplices in the genocide,” said Tabaković.

He expresses his belief that the time will come when “our neighbors will renounce those who committed genocide and convict them as war criminals.”

President of the Municipal Assembly of Srebrenica, Ćamil Duraković, told FENA that putting up posters with the image of the criminal Ratko Mladić was “the last twitch of uncivilized behavior”.

“Such activities have led the High Representative to impose a law and ban the glorification of war criminals and the denial of judgments of international and domestic courts. What encourages us is that the law be valid and enforceable so that we can make criminal charges against organizations, individuals, and all those who engage in such activities. We need to be patient and wait for the law to come into force,” underlines Duraković.