The problem of uncontrolled stay of migrants in downtown Bihać still persists

The problem of uncontrolled stay of migrants in downtown Bihać still persists

BIHAĆ, April 22 (FENA) – The citizens of Bihać gathered again today in front of the unfinished building of the Retirement Home in the city center, where more than 200 migrants are currently staying without any control. They warned of the disturbed safety of citizens in nearby residential buildings, a large amount of garbage, and endangering the health of the population, with the situation being additionally aggravated with the conditions of the pandemic.

“This problem has been present for years, but now the situation has culminated. The backyards of our residential buildings are covered with garbage, and behind us are many sleepless nights due to noise. This is an unfinished building without toilets and sanitary utilities so we can’t even open the windows anymore due to stench,” said Zinaida Salihagić, who lives near the unfinished building of the Retirement Home.

The President of the Council of the local community Jezero – Privilica, Asim Begatović, pointed out that the complaints of tenants that their property was being stolen have become more frequent, which is why he asked for help and urgent solutions from the cantonal prime minister, Bihać mayor and the police commissioner.

“This is a burning issue in the city downtown and people are running out of patience. We hope that something concrete will be done urgently because it seems to me that the limits of tolerance have been crossed a long time ago,” Begatović said.

“Mayor Šuhret Fazlić has undertaken a number of activities in order to solve this problem as soon as possible. We have already talked with the representative of the building’s owner and agreed to secure the entrance to the building and organize an action of relocating these people to reception camps so that we can clean and definitely close the entire complex. Of course, it will take a little patience, since it is not an easy process at all,” added the Assistant Mayor of Bihać Jasmin Stambolija.

Recently, members of the Operational Group for the Situation with Migrants in the Una-Sana Canton (USC) demanded an adequate reaction and responsibility from the representatives of the FBiH Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, which owns the building, and announced that if that does not happen, they will inquire about a potential criminal liability due to endangering the safety and health of citizens.